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Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioner Installation, Repair & Maintenace.

Interested in a New Air Conditioner?

It may be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you need a new air conditioning system installed because of the expense involved. However, when your utility bills keep climbing or your air conditioner is not keeping you comfortable anymore, it may be time for a replacement. The pros at Rit Fonda Heating & Cooling can help you select the correct system to properly condition your air and keep you comfortable in any weather.

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Signs You May Need a New AC Installation

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if you need a new AC installation when your old equipment keeps thumping along. There are some signs you may need a new air conditioner though. If you experience any of the following problems, contact us, and we’ll schedule an appointment with one of our technicians so you can learn more about what air conditioning options are available to you.


Your old unit loses capacity over time, so your unit may not be able to generate enough cool air to keep you comfortable. If you notice some rooms in your house seem warmer than others, it might be time for you to purchase a replacement system.


When you notice that your electric bills keep getting higher and higher, it may be time to replace your inefficient unit with a modern high-efficiency unit which will keep you from having to pay high utility bills during the summer.


In many cases, customers end up paying for their new AC unit which keeps them more comfortable during hot summers with the savings on their electric bills. The AC equipment industry is constantly making advancements in the units they produce. The units produced today are more efficient and result in much lower energy bills.


If your AC is breaking down every summer, it’s probably time to replace your unit with new, more efficient equipment. It is rarely more cost-effective to repair a non-warranty compressor when it fails.

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Setting the New Air Conditioner Condenser
So far, we’ve set the pad, leveled it, and our refrigeration lines and electrical disconnect are ready to be wired into the new air conditioner condenser.

Removing the new air conditioner and setting it on the pad is step one. After uncrating the unit, a good installer will inspect for any damage. Sometimes panels or coils will get damaged in transit. Any damage should be reported to you immediately.

If there is a dent, that doesn’t necessarily mean there is any damage that will affect performance. However, you always have the right as a customer to not accept the damaged unit and ask for another one.

The line set that was installed in the previous step is then formed and fitted to the appropriate service valve on the new air conditioner. The service valve is a connection point for the line set, and also isolates the refrigerant contained inside the unit. Service valves also allow for the outdoor condenser portion of the air conditioner to be isolated from the indoor coil and line set for future service or repair needs when needed.

Isolating the refrigerant keeps you from having to replace it with all new refrigerant in case of a repair in the future.

After the line set is fitted to the service valves, they must be brazed in. Brazing, a form of welding, is a process using two gases (oxygen and acetylene) and a filler rod made of an alloy metal and silver to join the copper line set and service valves. The valves are heated to a minimum of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit or until the filler rod will flow to weld the connection.

If this process is completed properly, the copper line set, the filler rod, and the service valve are all melted together for a tight, leak-free connection.