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Hey, I’m Joey. The folks at Bryant asked me if I could take a few moments to talk to you about Brian evolution products and how the evolution system makes a serious difference when it comes to home comfort and stretching your energy dollars. You know, aside from the reliability that Brian is known for, what I like about the evolution system is that it’s integrated control actually communicates. Imagine a whole system designed to work together where the control actually talks and listens to the outer cooling unit as well as the furnace or the fan coil inside.

It’s really more like a conversation with the components feeding the control information about what’s going on with the system and even outside with the weather itself and the control responding with new commands to keep the home comfort level where you want it. It’s an incredibly smart design. It gives you the best levels of Bryant home comfort and helps you get the most from your energy dollars. Let me show you how it works. Since we’re already outside, let’s start with the heat, but today we’re installing a Bryant evolution, extreme heat extreme because it’s extremely efficient, extremely quiet and provides extreme comfort even in climates where you wouldn’t think that a heat pumps makes sense.

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It’s so efficient it can even heat your home when temperatures drop into the teens. This evolution extreme heat pump is designed to work smart, not hard to cool and heat this home. It has a uniquely designed variable speed compressor that can adjust its output while it’s running anywhere from 40 up to 100 percent. It’ll maximize efficiency and comfort by running in long cycles at low speeds most of the time. This gives the house precisely what it needs to stay evenly comfortable, long, low speed cycles, equal, better humidity control and summer white operation and better warm and comforting winter.

It will adjust to the comfort needs of the home and operate with very little wasted effort. What these homeowners will feel is more even temperatures throughout their home and way less anxiety about their energy bills. It’s this unit’s communication with the brand connects control and a variable speed blower inside that makes that level efficiency possible. And when I say efficiency, I mean both cooling Seares. That stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio of up to twenty point five and heating each SPF.

That’s heating season and performance factor of up to 13. Those numbers are at the top end of the scale for this kind of EPA. That could mean some extreme monthly utility savings for a lot of people, which is why this product achieves an energy star most efficient qualifications. Hey, Bill, how’s it coming? Just about. Once he finishes up and gets it running, you might not believe how quietly it cools, in part because Bryant builds in all the best in sound dampening technology like a compressor sound blanket and forward sweat ramblings.


It even has to mufflers, but it’s also because it will mostly be operating in those very quiet, lower speeds, quietly saving money the whole time. If you want to have serious long term energy savings and enjoy home comfort, you never thought possible at any price. Consider a brain evolution. Extreme heat, but it’s worth.