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Windows units

Windows units

Window air conditioner is installed in an aperture of window hole in such a way that its outer part is in contact with the atmosphere, and the inner part inside the room.

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Our expansive line of room air conditioners includes the only truly commercial-grade models on the market today and offers products that are suitable for a wide range of demanding applications.

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Window air conditioner


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As summers are increasingly getting hotter and more humid, Air Conditioners have transcended from being a luxury to a necessity. Considering the fact that you have just a few scant weeks to prepare for the hottest months of the year, now’s the time to upgrade your home’s ACs. While there is ample of AC models from renowned brands available in the market, the perfect fit for you depends on a number of factors like the size of the room, energy efficiency, and after-sales service. Most recommend a is the more affordable option. Moreover, a window AC occupies existing window space, is easy to install and is a perfect fit for supplemental cooling.

Before you install a window air conditioner in a room, consider some of the harmful effects it can have. Mold, for example, can be worse in a window unit than a central AC system. Other possible problems apply to air conditioning in general, not just window units.

Outdoor Air Infiltration

A high-quality window air conditioner that’s properly installed should not permit unfiltered outdoor air into the interior space. However, any breach in the seal between the air conditioner unit and the window can introduce outdoor air, along with allergens and other air pollutants. Additionally, a malfunctioning or poorly designed air conditioner may not filter outdoor air sufficiently, pulling outdoor air directly into the room. To prevent these problems, make sure the air conditioner unit is fully sealed around the window opening and the unit is designed to filter all conditioned air. Also be sure to use a high-quality filter or supplemental disposable filter in addition to the unit’s standard filter, to remove as many air pollutants as possible.

How A/C Units Work

Before making any decisions, it is a good idea to have a basic understanding regarding how air conditioners work. No matter if you have a portable or window unit, both take a gas, convert it to a liquid and then convert it back to a gas again.